About Us

The Polish Jockey Club was established in 2001. Its activity is regulated by the Act on Horse Races and the Statute. The Club is a state legal entity with its seat in Warsaw. It is supervised by the minister having jurisdiction over agricultural matters who appoints the President and the Council of The Polish Jockey Club.

The Polish Jockey Club: sets the requirements for conducting horse races as well as observing their completion, acts for the benefit of further establishing, improved breeding facilities of horses, developing and promoting horse racing, grants permits for conducting horse races, issues permits for conducing a race stable, grants licenses for training and riding horses as well as for being a race judge, appoints technical commissions and technical judges for tracks as well as appeals commission, initiates and provides opinions on legal solutions pertaining to horse races, represents Poland in international racing organizations, keeps the Stud Book of Thoroughbred Horses (PSB) and Purebred Arabian Horses (PASB), conducts specialized training.

Information about the horse racing organisation and the Club’s activity is presented in the Bulletin of the Polish Jockey Club and racing information section.