2016.04.19 – New horse racing regulations

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The Polish Jockey Club informs that as of April 19th, 2016 new Horse Racing Rules are in force in Poland.   

Rules concerning riders:

  • They are required to have accident insurance.
  • Riders that have not won 10 races in their career cannot, among others, ride horses that have not yet raced.
  • Riders in a race cannot overuse the whip on a horse ridden by them, particularly:
  • by an excessive amount of whipping, whipping that is too strong and by raising their arm with the whip above the shoulder line; the permitted amount of whips down the final stretch is 6,
  • by hitting the horse in a way that causes injuries, especially by hitting the head or flanks, and in case of letting go of the reins by the hand with the whip – also in front of the saddle,
  • by hitting the horse with the whip if the horse does not accelerate as a result, has been defeated or is winning the race with a great advantage.