Chapter 3


dated January 18, 2001

on horse races.

(Journal of Acts dated February 14, 2001)


Chapter 3

Organizing horse races

Art. 16.
  1. Organizing horse race requires the permit of the President.
  2. A motion for such permit should contain the following:
    1. indication of the entity requesting the issuance of such permit and its seat (place of residence),
    2. indication of the planned location of the race track, approved by the authority of state administration having jurisdiction over special planning as well as the local authority,
    3. indicating a financial security to ensure the proper conductance of the races, as well as indicating the sources of owned capital,
    4. specifying the type of individual races, which are to be conducted in a given year, as well as planning the number thereof,
    5. a description of designed technical equipment of race tracks,
    6. planned date of commencing activity.
  3. The President may require the filing party to present, by a given deadline, supplementing information and documents.
  4. Upon filing a motion and its proper supplementation provided in point 1, the President sets out the requirements of the race track.
  5. Upon concluding that requirements set out in point 4 have been met, the President issue a permit, which contains:
    1. the entity having the right to conduct horse races,
    2. the race track, on which races are to be conducted, and detailed requirements that such track must meet.
    3. The types of individual races, which may take place.
  6. The permit is issued upon rendering of a free for the benefit of the Club, as provided in art. 11 point 2.
Art. 17.

The President orders that defects be removed by a given deadline in the event it is determined that the entity which was granted a permit, is in breach of provisions of the Act, the rules of horse races or conditions set out in the permit.

Art. 18.
  1. The President shall revoke the permit, if the entity:
    1. did not remove the defect by the designated deadline,
    2. flagrantly violates provisions of the law, rules of horse races or the terms and conditions set out in the permit.
  2. In the event the permit is revoked, a new motion may be filed by the same entity within one year of such revoking.
Art. 19.
  1. Issuing the permit for organizing horse races, the order to remove defects, as well as revoking of the permit is conducted by way of an administrative decision.
  2. An appeal against the said decision of the President may be filed with the minister having jurisdiction over agricultural matters.
  3. The Code of Administrative Procedure applies to matters set out in point 1.
Art. 20.
  1. Individual races are conducted according to the annual plan, approved by the President based on the motions of horse race organizers.
  2. Conducting additional individual races requires the consent of the President.
Art. 21.

Only horses entered into racing in accordance with the requirements set out in the rules of horse races may participate in races.