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International races in Poland 2020

  • WARSAW – SLUZEWIEC 2020 – Thoroughbred horses 
  • WARSAW – SLUZEWIEC 2020 – Pure Bred Arabian horses 

International races in Poland 2019

  • WARSAW – SLUZEWIEC 2019 – Thoroughbred horses 
  • WARSAW – SLUZEWIEC 2019 – Pure Bred Arabian horses 

Fazza Al Khalediah wins the Qatar Arabian World Cup 2018

Image courtesy of www.paris-turf.com


The 4 year old stallion Fazza Al Khalediah (FR) (Jalnar Al Khalidiah – Assma Al Khalediah/Amer or.ar.) won the Qatar Arabian World Cup (G1) on Sunday at Longchamp – one of the most prestigious Arabian horse races in the world, with a prize pool of a million Euro.

The stallion, owned by the company Polska AKF sp. z o.o., is trained by Michał Borkowski in Wrocław.



More information on www.france-galop.com/en/content/factfiles-qatar-arabian-world-cup-2018

2018.10.06 – Seminar with doctor Craig Carter from the University of Kentucky

We are pleased to invite you to the Seminar with doctor Craig Carter from the University of Kentucky, which will take place on the October 6th 2018, at the Służewiec Racetrack in Warsaw.  

Limited number of places.

Please confirm your participation by the September 30th to the mail: lucjan_witkowski@sggw.pl

Animal health rules for racehorses in POLAND


Animal health rules for racehorses in POLAND 


  1. Horses must be vaccinated against Equine Influenza according to the following:
  • primary vaccination (two vaccinations, within a minimum of 21 and maximum 92 days time period);
  • booster vaccinations must be given every six months (grace period is 21 days);
  • if the last vaccination exceeds the grace period (6 months + 21 days), the primary vaccination needs to be repeated;
  • any vaccination must be carried not later than 7 days before a start in a race.
  1. Horses must be tested for Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA).
  2. Excusively horses with negative serogolical tests results are allowed to participate in races. Results can not be older than 30 days.
  3. All tests results must be confirmed in the passport of the horse.