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2016.06.19 – Conference: „Use of laboratory analyses in monitoring racehorses”

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2016.04.19 – New horse racing regulations

The Polish Jockey Club informs that as of April 19th, 2016 new Horse Racing Rules are in force in Poland.   

Rules concerning riders:

  • They are required to have accident insurance.
  • Riders that have not won 10 races in their career cannot, among others, ride horses that have not yet raced.
  • Riders in a race cannot overuse the whip on a horse ridden by them, particularly:
  • by an excessive amount of whipping, whipping that is too strong and by raising their arm with the whip above the shoulder line; the permitted amount of whips down the final stretch is 6,
  • by hitting the horse in a way that causes injuries, especially by hitting the head or flanks, and in case of letting go of the reins by the hand with the whip – also in front of the saddle,
  • by hitting the horse with the whip if the horse does not accelerate as a result, has been defeated or is winning the race with a great advantage.


2016.01.31 – deadline for registering horses for the racing season

Polish Jockey Club reminds that January 31st is the deadline for registering horses for the racing season.

Due to the fact that this year January 31st is on Sunday, the last day of accepting applications will be Monday – February 1st.

♦ Payment for registering horses for running in the domestic races after January 31st (2016.02.01) is 10 000 PLN.

Change on the position of the President

On November 30th Mrs. Agnieszka Marczak was dismissed from the position of the President of the Polish Jockey Club by Mr. Krzysztof Jurgiel – Ministry of Agriculture, who entrusted acting as a President to Mr. Tomasz Chalimoniuk, until the appointment of a new PJC’s President.


Change of the bank account number

We kindly inform you that the Club’s bank account number has been changed.

Since the 5th of November all the bank payments should be transferred to the following bank account:

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

IBAN: PL05 1130 1017 0020 1235 1420 0001     SWIFT Code: GOSKPLPW